Taiwan - Sit-in-Coach Tour

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5 Days Town & Castle Tour (Dep: Every Saturday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

6 Days Beautiful Landscape Tour (Dep: Every Thursday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

6 Days Leofoo Village Fun Travel (Dep: Every Friday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

6 Days Rose Forest Getaway Trip (Dep: Every Tuesday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

7 Days Alishan Tribal Customs Tour (Dep: Every Monday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

7 Days Window On World & Farm Tour (Dep: Every Wednesday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

8 Days Taiwan's Famous Attractions Tour (Dep: Every Sunday) (Valid Till : 23 Dec 2023)

Taiwan - Private Tour

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7 Days Eastern Taiwan (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Good Morming Taiwan Round Island (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Kaohsiung - Tainan - Chiayi - Alishan (No Shopping) (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Leofoo Village Theme Park - Monster Village - Qingjing Farm (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Taiwan (Alishan Sunrise + Sea Of Clouds) (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Taiwan Alishan Forest Train Tour (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Taiwan Leisure Farm (No Shopping) (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Taiwan West Coast (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

7 Days Taoyuan - Yilan - Xi Tou - Taichung - Taipei (Valid From : 01 Jul 2023)

Taiwan - Private Tour


--> Taroko National Park

--> Sun Moon Lake

--> Taipei 101

--> Jiufen

--> Kenting National Park

--> Yangminshan

--> National Palace Museum

--> Alishan National Museum

--> Ximending

--> Yehliu

--> Chiang Kai - Shek Memorial Hall

--> Qingjing Farm

--> Lungshan Temple of Manka

--> Shilin Night Market Shifen Waterfall

--> Jinguashi

--> Yushan

--> Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

--> Fengjia Night Market Xiaoliuqiu

--> Orchid Island

--> Maokong

--> Love River

--> Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

--> Hehuanshan

--> Lotus Pond

--> Taipei Zoo

--> Sizihwan

--> Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

--> Wuling Farm

--> Liuhe Night Market

--> Raohe Street Night Market

--> Fort Provintia

--> Huashan 1914 Creative Park

--> Leofoo Village Theme Park

--> Fort Zeelandia

--> Shei - Pa National Park

--> Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

--> Xueshan

--> New Taipei City Gold Museum

--> National Museum of Marine Biology

--> Fort San Domingo Guishan Island

--> Qingshui Cliff

--> E-DA Theme Park

--> National Center for Traditional Arts

--> Fulong Beach

--> Taijiang National Park

--> Snake Alley

--> Eternal Spring Shrine


Beitou Hot Springs - Famous home of hot springs in Taipei allows you to have a healthy treatment while admiring the surrounding lush blackery.
Chiang Kai - Shek Memorial Hall - This national monument of Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, is located in Zhongzheng District.
Daan Forest Park - The ecological park with a forest-like environment is open to the public to walking, cycling, and other activities.
Fort San Domingo
- Constructed by the Spanish in 1629 in an attempt to conquer Tamsui, the fort has now become a unique scene by the Tamsui river.

Golden Water Fall - The waterfall with a shade of gold colour contains heavy metal elements within.

Jiufen - The historic mountain town, with very typical Asian charms like red lanterns swinging above the old local streets, is actually the inspiration of "Spirited Away".
Laomen black Reef - It becomes an amazing scene in every April and May, when lush black algae grow in abundance and cover the wet rocks.
Lungshan Temple - This ancient temple built in 18 century is accessible within walking distance from Longshan Temple Station.
Longdong Bay - This beautiful ocean bay is famous for diving and climbing.
National Taiwan University - The most prestigious university in Taiwan has hidden gems of many historic monuments and buildings, distinct types of gardens and more to explore.
National Palace Museum - The largest museum of Taiwan has a permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts, including the most famous Jadeite Cabbage.

Red House Theatre - This octagonal landmark built in 1908 features exhibits, a teahouse, markets & theaters.
Shilin Nights Market - Located in Shilin District, this night market is considered the largest and most famous in the city.
Taipei 101 - Classified as the world's tallest in 2004, the observatory tower with 101 floors shows the most fascinating view of the city in day or night.

Taipei Confucius Temple - Since it was established in 1875. The temple will hold a grand ceremony every year on September 28, the birthday of Confucius.

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf - The scenic wharf in the western part of Tamsui District, has the lovers bridge which is the famous spot for couples.
Teapot Mountain - Walking on one of Northeast Taiwan's most beautiful trails, you will see the mountain actually looks like a teapot.
Thousand Lake Island - This piece of fertile land with perfect climate conditions cultivates Taiwan finest tea leaves like Dongfang Meiren.
Wufenpu - This area, which is best known for wholesale garment market, would attract shopaholics from all over the world.
Wulai Old Street - The small town with strong aboriginal culture is where you can savour aboriginal cuisine like wild boar sausages and wild vegetables.
Xingtian Temple - The popular temple dedicated to Guan Yu, a famous legendary general, attracts up to 10000 people per day.
Yangmingshan National Park
- The country park with a total area of over 11,000 hectares is the largest in Taiwan, containing natural landscapes such as crater lakes and hot springs caused by volcanic activity.
YehLiu Geopark - The unique landscape is formed with honeycomb and mushroom rocks eroded by the sea, and the most famous rock among them is Queen’s Head.

Yin Yang Sea - The entire bay which is covered in 2 different shades (yellow and blue) forms a pretty rare phenomenon.
Zhishan Garden - Located next to the National Palace Museum, the huge traditional garden reflects ancient styles of the Song and Ming dynasties through pavilions, ponds and other decorations.

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